I am Bohan Zhang (Allan Chang). I am a senior studying computer secience at University of North Texas. I am passionate about cyber security specially in networking security.

What am I doing besides my school?

Web Master Office at UNT Cyber Security Club

As UNT Cyber Security Club Web Master, I am mainly working on club’s website designing and maintaining. Currently, our website running on Jekyll. The biggest thing for me to be a web master officer is that I can constanly imporve the website and fix the layout issues. Also, being an officer in this club pushes me to always learn different areas about cyber security and bring back the knowledges to this community.


I have participated two full seasons of NATIONAL CYBER LEAGUE (NCL) since 2017. The NCL taught me a lot problem solving skills. The NCL includes 9 different areas that allows me to learn and compete, which includes:

  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Scanning
  • Enumeration and Exploitation
  • Password Cracking
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Log Analysis
  • Wireless Security
  • Cryptography
  • Web Application Security

All these 9 areas gave me rich experiences on encounting the real world cyber security challenges and how to solve and anlayze the problems independently. For example, in Traffic Analysis, I use Wireshark to read and gather information about HTTP requests and TCP traffic to find out some dummy customer’s travel records. They lost their receipts after they booked trips on travel agent’s websites. I have never used Wireshark before but through the NCL challenges I learnd how to read different traffics betweem hosts. Another example would be WIFI password cracking. The NCL provides us some WEP packets. When I first time got this problem, I have no clue how to solve this problem. I tried a lot of ways to solve this problem includes brute forcing the password. However, after did some research online, I realized I need to use Air-cracker and “Rockyou” Dictionary to crack it. The NCL taught me how to use Air-cracker and dictionary to crack password. Really good experience.

When encouthing Log Analysis, it was a lot fun because it encounted some data analysis. One question asks me to find out suspicious check-in records from a 3000 employees company’s check-in logs. I used Excel and some Python scripts solved this problem.

You can check my NCL scouting reporting by click following links :

2017 Fall NCL Competition

2017 Spring NCL competition

Researching Project on Smart Home Security

As a cyber secuirty enthusiasts, I currently working on a research project involves smart home security in UNT’s research lab. Currently, I am working on learning to write different Access control and firewalls rules in floodlight SDN controller.